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Solution: Automated Phone Number Formatting for HubSpot CRM



When a telephone number is typed into a phone field, the number should automatically format to the contact’s standardised country format with a country code.

So, for the US, +1 (555) 555-5555; for the UK, +44 5555 555555, etc.

If this is not done correctly:

  • It becomes problematic when using the calling feature in HubSpot CRM. The service agent or salesperson must edit the telephone number before making the call.
  • The new WhatsApp feature in HubSpot will also not work correctly. To receive a WhatsApp in the support inbox and associate it with the correct HubSpot contact, the country code must be correct.
  • Equally, sending a WhatsApp requires a correctly configured number.

This simple edit is very time-consuming when the CRM user does not know the correct country code to apply.

HubSpot made some updates in 2022

In May 2022, HubSpot implemented a solution to combat number entry in the CRM. This solves new data input in the CRM for service agents and salespeople. Additionally, it’s an option on HubSpot forms as well. See the image below.

Legacy contacts created before this date will remain unformatted.

What the Automated Phone Number Formatter do?

Our Automatic Phone Number Formatting for HubSpot CRM will fix most of this data. The app automatically formats your numbers by using the geographic location of the IP associated with the contact.

Note: If no IP is associated, the app can not accurately determine the country code. This will include imported data.

To figure out how much of your data will be fixed by the YuboData, you can filter your contacts as per the screenshot below:

How to install YuboData

Installing Yubodata is easy; with one installation, you’ll have access to all our apps.

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