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Solution: Unknown Contact Name Creator for HubSpot



HubSpot Sales for Gmail, Office 365, and Outlook desktop allows HubSpot users to log and track email conversations.

By selecting the ‘Log’ functionality on the HubSpot email extension/add-in, the contact name is often not added to the newly created HubSpot contact.

The email address will populate the Name column, as can be seen in the screenshot below.

What does the HubSpot Unknown Contact Name Creator do?

YuboData’s Unknown Contact Name Creator for HubSpot runs through your HubSpot contacts, searching for contacts without a First name and Last Name. Yubo then automatically uses the contact’s email address to create just the First Name, Last Name, or both the First name and Last Name.

Yubo will fix all contact without a contact name once it is installed. Thereafter it will fix new contacts without a contact name one by one as they are created.

This app saves time for Salespeople, Service agents and HubSpot marketers.

See the example below:

How to install YuboData

Installing Yubodata is easy; with one installation, you’ll have access to all our apps.

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“I love the YuboData email app. It found and created names for almost every contact in our CRM that didn’t have one. Now if a rep adds and email via the email add-on, the app fixes it on the fly. Very cool. ”
– Jordan Bennet, Game Tech.