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Solution: Automated Contact Name Formatting for HubSpot CRM



Our app will capitalise the First Name and Last Name of contacts in HubSpot CRM.

This feature is available in HubSpot Operations Hub (Professional and Enterprise only), so if you have either Hubs, stop reading and review this HubSpot knowledge base article. If not, read on.

What does the HubSpot CRM name formatter do?

The screenshot below explains what our app does. It runs automatically in the background and formats any newly added contact names in HubSpot CRM as they’re added.

You can run the app on your whole contact database or limit it to a HubSpot list.

This is particularly useful to marketers using personalisation in their email communications and to salespeople and service agents using email templates and sequences. Sales outreach with a first name in all caps s not going to leave the best first impression.

Your marketing and cold outreach emails will never again look like this:

They’ll look like this:

How to install YuboData

Installing Yubodata is easy; with one installation, you’ll have access to all our apps.

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